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Bonded Through Books is an African American book club for women joined together by our love of reading.  We are a positive group of women from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  We come together monthly to discuss our monthly reading selections and share personal experiences as we continue to BOND.
If you find interest in our book club, and we hope you do, please join us for a discussion.  For more information, please contact us at
A special thanks to everyone who has made Bonded Through Books a reality, especially our committed members.  Your continued support has not gone unnoticed.  It has made us who we are.  The love of reading has brought so many of us together and our bond is what keeps us together..... we are truly 








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We support literature by African American Authors.  If you wish to have your book read by Bonded Through Books, 
please contact us at to receive address information.
Thanks for visiting our site and expressing an interest in Bonded Through Books.

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